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Your dog will do their happy dance when they get these grass fed, grass finished, beef cuts and bones.

Both of our pups do their happy dance when we walk to the “dog freezer” because they know what’s coming. Our dogs, Sally & Joleen, love it when we have beef packages with a tiny defect, we have too many bones stocked at once, or any item simply doesn’t meet our standards for a variety of reasons. We can feel good about treating them because we know that they’re eating the same high quality beef that we do. And now we're sharing it with you.
What can you expect to find in your E BAR DOG BOX?
12 pounds (on average) of a variety of cuts that could include:
-assorted steaks
-soup bones
-beef ribs
-organ meats
-shank steaks/roasts
-and other beef cuts

The ancestral diet of dogs was made up of raw meat and bones, so we recommend giving these items to your dog raw, if possible. If you do decide to cook the beef, please avoid giving your dog the cooked beef bones as they could splinter and become unsafe when consumed. 

*very limited quantity in stock-when they're gone they're gone!*