KETO GROUND BEEF-with heart, kidney, & liver
KETO GROUND BEEF-with heart, kidney, & liver

KETO GROUND BEEF-with heart, kidney, & liver

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Includes: 1 package of ground beef-averages 2lbs. ($10.99 per pound)

*We have combined our popular 85/15 lean ground beef with beef liver, heart and kidney in a 60/40 combination to make a special, nutrient packed grind. To really take it up a notch, add chopped bacon and you will be well on your way to meeting your health goals. 

E Bar Cattle Company grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef offers a taste and texture unlike any other. Perfect for any meal or occasion; the possibilities are endless!



*Genuine Grass-fed beef 


*Pasture raised on Florida rain & sunshine 24/7

*Hormone and steroid free


*Grain free

*Gluten free

*Each cut is precisely hand carved by an expert butcher to our exacting specifications.

*We dry age our beef up to 21 days to attain maximum flavor and tenderness.

*Your beef is flash frozen for maximum freshness and temperature controlled during each step of the process.

*E Bar Cattle Company beef is USDA certified and inspected as indicated on our label.

*We use clear vacuum sealed packaging, allowing you to see exactly what you are purchasing.

*Features durable packaging that's perfect for long or short term storage.

*Grass-fed beef is a healthy source of high quality protein

*You will know the source of your food and the people that produce it. 

*Your purchase supports your local Rancher, their family and the local economy.

This is beef that you can feel good about feeding your family. The local source you’ve been looking for.