What people are saying about E BAR CATTLE COMPANY grass-fed, grass-finished beef:

“I have been looking for a great local company for meat. Not only did they meet my expectations but exceeded! Can’t wait for more”
~Jess B. (via Facebook)

“I often heard how grass fed beef was better than typical beef. Living with crohn's disease for the past 13 years I am very cognizant of what I eat.  Typically heavy products such as pork and beef generally give me a harder time and I stay away from them. After trying the Ebar cattle company beef product, I did notice it was lighter on my stomach and digested far better than typical beef. The taste was more delightful and tasteful than normal beef. I would suggest anyone with digestive issues that limit consumption of traditional beef to give E Bar cattle company a try”

~Cory T.


“Best fresh ground beef I have ever eaten and I don’t usually eat meat. Personalized service with great knowledge of grass feed beef products. Highly recommend this company”
~LeeAnne G. (via Facebook)


“Very amazing taste and unlike anything you can find in the stores !! will be a customer for a long time . awesome product !!! moooove over Walmart“

~Bryan M. (viaFacebook)


“We bought lean grass fed ground beef from E Bar cattle company. You can not only see the difference but also taste the difference. I highly recommend you try!! I hear steaks and other meats are coming soon. Can’t wait to try them and also support this local business! They are honest and fair priced”

~Robin K. (via Facebook)


“The grass fed beef is delicious! We are very happy with the product and look forward to ordering more”

~Marissa P. (via Facebook)


“Tomorrow is meatloaf! The meat looks delicious! Can’t wait till the steaks come out”

~Donna W. (Via Facebook)




      I was so excited to learn there is someone in Tampa raising grass fed and finished beef.  Within a few minutes of talking with Kevin, I understood that my excitement was nothing compared to the exuberance that Kevin has for his craft.  I am currently undergoing treatment for Leukemia and there are several books I was told to read by my medical staff.  One in particular, Nutrition and the Autonomic Nervous System, by Nicholas Gonzalez speaks about the benefits of consuming grass fed, quality red meat and even eating it raw.  Knowing where my beef is raised, its quality and freshness, are of the utmost importance, especially if I was to consume it raw.  I had a ton of questions for Kevin that he was more than happy to answer during our first conversation which lasted more than a half-hour.  We discussed the high levels of Omega-3 in grass fed vs. grain fed beef and the other nutritional benefits associated with grass fed beef.  After we spoke, I was sold on both Kevin and his product.  I got in on his first two offerings of something smaller than and half-cow and have been more than pleased with the product.  I could not speak more highly of Kevin Escobar and his EBar Cattle Company and am happy to have found him.  I like the fact that he is local and plan on purchasing from him as long as he keeps raising cattle using no hormones on nothing but grass. 
~ Ken Yeager


As suggested in the personal notes that I received with my order, I let the ground beef come to room temperature prior to cooking. I seasoned the Super Beef only with some Redmond Real Salt so that I could truly taste what Ebar are providing and not overpower it with herbs and spices. A decent sear on a smash burger in the cast iron pan kept the meat medium-rare on the inside with a wonderful Maillard reaction. I couldn't even wait to serve this burger on a plate or use a fork. I grabbed a bite-sized piece and popped it in my mouth. My absolute first thought was that it was incredibly tender (repeat... Tender!!) followed immediately by "this is the tastiest burger I have ever made" despite having purchased several grass-fed sourced burger from the grocery. Nothing compared to this! As I polished off my first burger I started to have doubts about which type of meat I had actually pulled from the freezer to cook. I thought I was mistaken because this must be the Premium Ground Beef with the blend of ribeyes and roasts. After rooting through the trash it was confirmed by the packaging that what I was enjoying was in fact the Super Beef, the beef and liver blend. Needless to say, I find this name misleading; I think it should be called Super Duper Beef! My biggest regret so far is that I only ordered 1 package of Super Beef. 
~PP  (Paula Pride)