Around The Ranch

E BAR CATTLE COMPANY is committed to management practices that are low-stress, humane and safer for the cattle, as well the people that handle them. We believe it is vital for the welfare of our cattle to work with, not against, their inherent nature and instincts. 

As co-owner of E Bar Cattle Company, Kevin first became BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Certified through the University of Florida, several years ago. Attaining BQA Certification has helped Kevin refine his 20 years of cattle management experience, to the betterment of our animals and our grass-fed program.

In 2022, Sadena Escobar also became BQA certified to better manage the herd as a husband and wife team.

And we're pretty sure our little Sweetpea is going to become BQA certified as well...just like her parents.

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